Saturday, March 17, 2007

Photos - cabinets

More photos of the cabinet installation.

Bed Platform Frame

Front Cabinets over bed connecting 2 side walls

Framework for base cabinets

Framework for top cabinets

Base cabinets with cooktop range and dry-fitted.
Electrical power box installed

Upper cabinets and base cabinets installed with
sink, cooktop rangetop and range hood.

Added shelf for TV


Lyle said...

Hi Dan, My name is Lyle Zimmerman and I live in Oak Harbor, WA. I have been looking at purchasing a camper for my truck but like you find the prices a little steep. I started to look around and see if there were any plans out on the market for homebuilt and saw the Glen-L plans. I also ran into your blog and have come up with a few questions if you don't mind my asking. How is your build progressing? I noticed that the dates on your pictures are from 2007. Do you have any updates since your last nlog entry? Any new pictures? I am somewhat of a woodworker myself and was wondering if the plans are fairly straight forward and easy to understand? Have you run into any glitches? From what I see of the pictures you posted the camper is a decent size. I just bought a used 2005 Ford F150 Super Crew pickup, do you think this camper would fit my truck? Anyway, thanks for any information that you can pass on, and I do hope to hear on your progress.
Bye for now,
Lyle Zimmerman

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