Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Roof goes on, electrical work, insulation

I have now finished up all the side wall cabinet work and spray varnished everthing and then put all the cabinet hardware on. Now it is time to put the roof on. The roof is three full sheets of luana plywood. I built the roof panels on my work bench, the 2x2" rafters are glued and air nailed to the back side. Then the panels were flipped over, sanded, and 4 coats of varnish sprayed on. Then the panels were lifted up on the roof, glued, and screwed down with a screw about every 4". All of the screw holes were predrilled and then a countersink bit was used. I bet there is 300 screws holding the roof panels on. Not only did i screw them to the outside walls, I also screwed them to any Cabinet work that was touching the roof. This pulls the whole structure together and makes it rock solid. I then ran all my clearance light wires by boring holes thru the 2x2's all along the top edge. I also ran wires to the roof vent, A.C. unit, and Sat Dish. Then i used the pink foam board for insulation. I had to cut each piece to fit each gap in the 1x2" side walls and between the roof rafters. I doubled up the insulation on the roof and very front of the camper. After i got the camper all prewired i put the roof on which is 3/8" plywood. I then dry fitted the A.C. shroud to see where to put the Sat Dish, which I ended up putting up in front of the A.C. unit and to the left. I did this to leave me room on the back of the camper for some Solar Panels i might put on at a later date.

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