Friday, July 20, 2007

Construction Cost's Estimated

1: 40 2x6's fir, 30 1x6's yellow pine , ripped into 2x2's & 1x2's, frame construction $420.00
2: 9 sheets of luana 1/8" plywood sheating $ 90.00
3. 2 gals of outdoor Titebond yellow glue $ 85.00
4. 2 Hehr double pane living room area windows $82 each $164.00
5. 2 bedroom windows $60 each $120.00
6. 22" wide back door $220.00
7. Thetford cassette toilet $312.00
8. 3 burner lp gas stove, used but like new $ 10.50
9. 5 sheets of plywood to build box $200.00
10. 4 gals of Helsman outdoor varnish $120.00
11. Thetford hatch door, exterior door $ 79.00
12. Gimp or sometimes called welpping or corner bead... $ 30.00
13. 2 sheets of 3/8" plywood for bed area construction $24.00
14. 10 bulk wall recepticles (only used 5) $20.50
15. 5 sets of cabinet door hinges $25.00
16. Xtreme 55amp converter box, with battery charger & 12 volt $125.00
17. screws & 2 tubes of Liquid nail $23.00
18 cabinet latches $22.00
19. 2 sheets of 1/2" plywood & 3 more sheets of 1/8" Luana plywood $54.00
20. Misc screws and fastners $40.0
21. 30' 8awg battery cable $15.00
22. 36' 50amp power cord $42.00
23. 5 more tubes of Liquid Nail $20.00
24. 1x8's, 5 more sets of door hinges $63.00
25. 2 sheets of 3/8" plywood, screws, sand paper, Liquid Nail $93.00
26. 10 more cabinet door hinges and pull handles $43.00
27. dogbone cord 50amp to 30 amp $28.00
28. 2 ceiling lights, 12 volt cheap plastic white in color $17.83
29. 13" toshiba color tv from Best Buy $119.00
30. DVD player $25.00
31. J molding $30.00
32. Magic Chef 110 volt Fridge mod#MCBR415S bought at Home Depot $199.00
33. 1x8's x 5 $40.00
34. Emerson 700w microwave mod#mw8781SB bought from Target $49.99
35. 3 piano hinges, chrome plated, 5' long each $25.88
36. sink with faucet and all the plumbing, used, stainless steel double bowl $65.00
37. more glue, steel wool, sand paper $40.00
38. 2 spools of 16awg d.c. wire 350' spools, plus 10 tubes of Liquid Nail $110.00
39, 50' roll of 12ga 110 volt electrical wire $25.00
40. 3 12 volt flourscent light fixtures 8" double bulb $37.00
41. plumbing supplies, hoses, clamps, elbows, glue, etc $140.00
42. Stable Lift Jacking system....raises and lowers camper onto bed of truck $2,495.00
43. roof vent with built in fan $145.75
44. Carrier 13,500 btu A.C. unit with Heater option $533.00
45. Satellite dish, manual crank up style $216.00
46. table support collumn with base $18.00
47. outdoor porch light yellow lens $9.00
48. fiberglass coat the inside of the propane tank box area $35.00
49. 10 more panels of 1/8" luana plywood $95.00
50. 110 volt breakers, wire nuts, ties, plastic loops, electrical tape $48.00
51. custom made cushions for couch area and battery box cover $387.00
52. clearance running lights on outside of camper $70.00
53. 12 panels of pink insulation board $10.99 ea $131.88
54. 4 sheets of 3/8" plywood for the roof $50.00
55. water fill, city water hose fill, and drain hook up brackets made of plastic $80.00
56. 2000 watt Vector inverter $230.00
57. 3 large deep cycle marine batteries $69.00 ea from Academy $210.00
58. 1 spool of 3awg battery cable, 25' long, from Tractor Supply $35.00
59. 1 pkg of 30 battery cable ends $12.00
60. Aluminum siding Arctic polar white 2" mesa 1score with pittsburg cut, plus
rubber roof, rubber roof install kit, all the aluminum corner molding, drip rail,
and crating charge of $155.00....
bought from The Metal Company (TMC) 5509 HARLAN STREET
ARVADA, COLORADO 80002 $1,796.32
61. Shipping charge, by DHL $185. 00, 1 crate 16' long, 2 tubes 16' long, and a 50lb box of
glue and tubes of caulk


kismet87 said...

Hey man you did an outstanding job on this. I love the cabinets. I just bought a 1973 camper and im remodeling it as a christmas gift. Thanks for putting these pictures

supermaine said...

Have you considered purchasing a lift for your camper?

Dan said...

to supermaine, i installed a stable lift system, $2,500.00, i would say it is the most expensive system but it really is worth it. i can load my camper in 10 mins by myself, 3 buttons activate the three motors that lift the system up and down. it really makes it just a one man job.

David said...

Thank you for the pictures and details that you provided. I just ordered my plans today and hope to start on my camper in a couple of weeks. Any tips or advice that you may offer would be greatly appreciated.

Bob said...

Glen L states estimated dry weight
of about 1,100.
I think i read you were figuring about 2,500 pounds. Why such a big
I am considering the design for a
half ton pick up but considering
everything above the box would be 1/2 inch structural urethan foam coated in vinyl ester. Everything below the box would be exterior ply coated in epoxy. All glue joints would be epoxy.
The target weight will be important to me...

Dr L M said...

Hello Dan! I've viewed your pictures and read every word for over a year. After being turned down for a truck camper loan, I decided to build. Thanks for the detailed information. I order the plans yesterday, and I am very excited.

Question: How is the transition made from the curved aluminum on the front to the rubber roof? I should would like to see a picture and description. It may be in the plans, but I would like to see what it looks like.

Dr L M said...

I forgot to ask where you got the Hehr windows and door in the previous post. The doors I found on the internet cost nearly $1000. I hope there is a quality door for less than that.

Jacob said...

Dr L M, I too have just ordered and I too am very curious about the curve transition with the roof and metal. I imagine patience will bring the information. Ive been researching options for siding and want to cry at some of the prices, the place he used for his siding and roof is the cheapest thus far. Good luck and hope we can keep in if I make a mistake perhaps I could warn you before you accidently do the same lol.

Jacob said...

check on craigslists in the matierals posts, Ive picked up windows, doors, and etc just by watching it for the past few months.

Dan Rogers said...

ok guys, it's so easy, u use a 1/2" strip of molding that has a 1/2" strip of putty under it and u screw it down and then caulk it down, makes a water tight seal. The same thing u do all around the sides with the drip molding. Go to the glen L web site or read ur plans again. Read those plans over and over again and u will get it right. Dan

Savon said...

Where did you get the cassette toilet for $312?

jeff said...

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