Sunday, February 10, 2008


marylandhowes said...

Hi Dan,

This is Dave from Thanks for commenting on my project. I knew that sometime we were going to talk. I have visited your site many times and have gotten great design ideas from you. I'm glad your interested in my project. So far I've spend about $650. That will cover the structure, windows and door. I got some great used stuff cheap. Anyway I thought I'd say Hi, it's going to be great to talk camper with you...

spankyedog said...

Dan, I have been trying to talk my husband into letting mail for the building plans, after he looks at this he'll be interested I know it!He is retired 58 years old and he too is sagitarius and loves the movie Forest Gump, and his garage looks a bit yours. Dan, I think I found you blog for reason....My email is sure would like to hear from you.
Your handy work is great. Built better than the manufacturer would think of doing......the sad thing is most people probably won't believe you built it, it looks so good.

Chad said...

Hey Dan,
Wow really cool camper!

Im a 27 year old going to a music festival called Bonnaroo , in Tenn. Going to be camping there, and was looking for ideas , my idea of a home build camper is VERY humble! Im going to blog about it here for my friends and family, but I liked your camper so much I thought I would leave a comment and a link.

Many Happy Trails to you and yours!

Power Inverter said...

Nice camper. I really want to build my own teardrop/larger camper, just don't know if I have the skills now. Hopefully will. Check out my site and blog if you get a chance!

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